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PETE ROSÉ – Grapes for this Rosé wine come from one of the most prestigious single vineyards in California’s Central Coast.

Taste it: You’ll be reminded of raspberries, anise, tart cherries and dried cranberries.

Can be paired with: Grilled chicken and pork. It also goes really well with spicy foods such as Indian curries, spicy sausages and Thai dishes. The list is endless!





CHARLIE HUSTLE RED – This wine comes from California’s Santa Ynez Valley
(where the movie, “Sideways” was shot).

Taste it: You will experience a rich, velvety and smooth taste with flavors of juicy plum, espresso, black pepper and chocolate.

Can be paired with: This lovely Cabernet wine can be enjoyed with steak, venison, pasta and cheese, lamb chops, chocolate bars – actually it’s wonderful with almost everything!





HIT KING WHITE – Grapes for this beautiful Pinot Grigio come from California’s Central Coast.

Taste it: You will taste aromas of green apple and subtle hints of banana. It also has a floral essence with a slightly creamy finish.

Can be paired with: Salmon, shellfish and gruyere cheese. It’s festive served with hors d’oeuvre and most summer dishes. But, always serve it well chilled!








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